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April 2 & 3 2016  

Saskatoon Cutting Horse Show
Prairieland Park Ag Centre, Saskatoon, SK

April 16 & 17 2016   Melfort Cutting Horse Show
Creekside Arena, Melfort, SK
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May 13 - 15, 2016   26th Annual Lloydminster Cutting Horse Show
Lloydminster Exhibition Grounds,
Lloydminster, SK
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June 4 & 5, 2016   NCHA DAYS
Saskatoon Cutting Horse Show
Prairieland Park Ag Centre, Saskatoon, SK
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July 1 & 2, 2016   Frontier Days Cutting Horse Show
Swift Current Exhibition Grounds
Swift Current, SK
July 28 - 31, 2016   Moose Jaw Cutting Horse Show & Limited Age Event
Golden Mile Arena, Moose Jaw, SK
August 20 & 21, 2016   Energy City Cutting Horse Show & LAE
Estevan, SK


. The 2015 Season was a great success. Thank you to everyone for another fantastic year. 2015 Show Results & Sponsors {Here}

. Congratulations to Tyler Fuhr of Estevan, winner of the SCHA 50/50 Ticket Raffle! Tyler received a cheque for $1,805.00 following the draw at the Melville show.

. Way to go Barb! Barb Mills was the winner of the Trip for two to Las Vegas courtesy of Uniglobe Travel. The draw was made from the names of all the 2015 SCHA Year-End Class Champions following August 23 Melville show.This trip became available when the SCHA won it through the Saskatchewan Horse Federation “Horse N Around” Lottery. The trip valued at $1,400 includes flights (out of Regina or Saskatoon) and accommodations for 3 or 4 nights.



If you are interested in pictures from previous show season - please contact one of our great photographers.


Jennifer Durr Photography
Barb Glazer -

Everything from payment of fees to contestant conduct to how cutters dress is all in the NCHA or CCHA Rule Books! The following is a is useful reminder of the cutter’s etiquette which helps shows run smoother and lets us all enjoy this great sport a little bit more.

Payment of Fees

All fees should be paid prior to competing. If you anticipate post entering a class or other expenses such as practice works, leave an open cheque with the show secretary. Be sure the cheque is made out to the payee, and is signed and dated.

Loping Pen Etiquette and Guidelines

“The loping pen or warm up areas are where cutting horses are warmed up and prepared for show. They can be dangerous places. Cutters are also getting themselves prepared to show and can be nervous or just pre-occupied with the task at hand. Here are some guidelines to help keep the loping pen a safe and pleasant place to get hoses ready to show:

- Horses in the warm up area travel in concentric circles and travel in the same direction. Stay to the inside of the circle if you want to go slow, stay to the outside if you want to go fast.
- Never stop in traffic. Stop and do dry work in an area with no traffic. Apply boots and groom in areas with no traffic.
- If you must tie your horse, tie them to something secure. Do not tie studs, kicking or biting horses in the loping pen. Someone may tie another horse close to them. Do not get upset if someone spanks your horse for kicking or biting.
- Riders must be in control of their horses at all times.
- Look before entering or leaving traffic. Yield to lopers.
- Do not exercise horses or season young horses when there is limited space in the loping area. Be considerate of people in there to get their horse ready to show.
- Do not weave in and out of traffic without looking. Maintain constant speed and stay to the inside when going slow to help avoid the need for other people to have to weave in and out of traffic.
- Change directions and maintain flow in one direction when asked. Always ask when you wish to change directions.
- Yield to the tractor and be careful of pedestrians and other lopers wishing to exit or enter. Leave pen when asked by announcer.
- To use your cell phone, move out of the flow of traffic.
- Try to maintain a sense of humour. People may be tired and nervous. Be patient with newcomers and try to help them learn.”

And Finally Some Loping Pen Humour…

“Try to maintain your sense of humour in the loping pen. People have sometimes been in there for hours, days, a week it seems. Not only can they be pre-occupied with what they may be doing, but they may be very tired, even delirious. Try to be defensive only in your driving and keep your attitude on the light side.

A final note…always look out for the trainers, horseback or not. Even if they were once lopers they get instant amnesia when entering the loping pen. Don’t run over them, good help is hard to find.”
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