The CCHA is donating a Bronze Cutting Trophy to each Affiliate in memory of the late Dave Robson to promote novice riders in cutting horse competition. 
In Saskatchewan, the Dave Robson Bronze will be awarded to the Year End Champion of the $1,000 Limit Rider (any horse) class.
In accordance with the wishes of the CCHA, the CCHA $1,000 Limit Rider Class (any horse) will be open to any rider who has not earned $1,000 in cutting horse competition riding any horse. This will be a jackpot class with no added money; requires a minimum of 2 entries; using used cattle to help keep costs down. The CCHA rules including the CCHA payout will be used. It will be judged as a cutting class versus the SCHA ranch classes; it will be scheduled to run later in the day, around the same time as the ranch classes.
To qualify for the Dave Robson Memorial Year End Award a competitor must compete in the class at a minimum of 60% of the shows where the class was held for the year; there will be no Reserve Award.